Renovations Explained

Can I renovate my unit?

  • Firstly, as an owner you can carry out cosmetic works to the unit without the approval of the Owners Corporation. What constitutes “cosmetic works” is detailed in the Strata Scheme’s Management Act 2015, and includes works such as installing hooks, handrails, wardrobes, blinds, painting, and laying carpet (there are conditions, in that these works must not involve structural change, affect waterproofing, wall reconfiguration, fire safety, or affect the external appearance of the lot etc).
  • For more extensive works, the approval of the Owners Corporation at a General Meeting is typically required, as the works will impact on common property (walls, plumbing, wiring, waterproofing, etc.). In some instances, a by-law may need to be drafted and resolved so that the impact on common property and the ongoing maintenance is clear (for both you and any future owners that may purchase the unit).
  • There may also be specific by-laws for your building that impact the procedure and requirements for renovating. We can provide guidance to you on the requirements for the works you want to undertake.

Please download and fill out our renovation application and send through to your strata manager.

Learn what you need strata approval for when doing renovations and how to navigate the process smoothly by reading our blog here.