For those of you weren’t aware Body Corporate is just another name, albeit a more ‘old fashioned’ name for an Owners Corporation (and we should know – we’ve been in the business since 1963). The same rules and regulations apply (i.e. The Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 and all other legislation) and it’s the same old issues that come up.

Catering to all your Body Corporate Management Needs

Whether you call it an Owners Corporation or a Body Corporate the same principles still apply for making a successful property. Our 8 key foundations to successful management are what we believe will determine if you absolutely love or can’t stand the Body Corporate you are a part of.

Here are our 8 key ingredients for ensuring that your Body Corporate is managed effectively.

  1. Effective Management
  2. Compliance – WHS, Fire Safety, Lift Certification, etc.
  3. Insurance claims and renewals
  4. Maintenance administration
  5. Property Administrative
  6. Meetings
  7. Contract Management
  8. Financial & Taxation Management


We put effective management as number 1 for a good reason. Without good leadership your nice new property can very quickly become your worst nightmare. It takes a good Strata Manager (Body Corporate Manager) working effectively with a good Executive Committee to ensure that the remaining 7 items fall into place.

It’s surprising how often we see a great building fall into a dilapidated state because the Strata Manager and Executive Committee of the Body Corporate simply could not work together let alone communicate effectively.

This year we surveyed the industry about what Owners really wanted in a good Strata Manager, and when the results came in we were as surprised as you might be. It isn’t price that drives change but the level of responsiveness and communication between the Owners and the Strata Manager.

Now whether you call it an Owners Corporation, Body Corporate, tomato or Tomato, we know that you want to have a well-run property that is accruing value rather than losing it.


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