How do the New Laws Address Renovations in Strata?

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In our video series Michael Vumbaca, General Manager at Jamesons Strata discusses the changes that have been made to the renovations process.

Renovations are a huge part of the strata industry. A large percentage of people purchase and want to renovate. There’s now a 3-tier process for renovations as per the new strata scheme legislation.

  • Cosmetic Renovations – These are renovations that don’t impact on the common properties. Examples of cosmetic renovations include changes like replacing carpet or hammering nails into the walls. If you want to do these types of renovations, you don’t need to advise the owners corporation.
  • Minor Renovations – These are renovations that have an impact on common property. An example includes upgrading your kitchen, reconfiguring walls or replacing flooring. If you want to do these things, as the new legislation stands, you need to have a general meeting of all the owners to approve those works. The legislation also provides a framework to delegate the approval for minor renovations to the strata committee moving forward. This will save a lot of time for people who want to have their renovations approved that don’t have a significant impact on the common property.
  • Major Renovations – These are renovations that have a structural impact on common property. Examples may include removing walls that are load-bearing or replacing tiles and membranes in bathrooms. If you’re intending to undertake major renovations, you’re going to need a special by-law to be resolved at a general meeting of all the owners. There is no way around this.

If you are planning to renovate your unit, you should contact your strata manager in the first instance to discuss the type of works that you are planning to undertake. They’ll be able to provide you with some guidance on the type of process that you need to go through to have your renovations approved. It’s also important to note that your building might already have a specific by-law that deals with renovations. This may impose things upon you like bonds or other requirements for your renovation to be approved.

If you are planning to renovate, bring all the documentation you have to your strata manager and they will guide you through the path to have your renovation approved in a timely and efficient manner.

Jamesons are a family run business that have provided Sydney residents with strata management services for over 50 years. If you would like more information regarding strata management, please contact Jamesons Strata Management on (02) 8969 3400.

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