Times When Using a Professional Strata Manager Proves Invaluable


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Your strata scheme has the option of using a strata manager in NSW, but how do you know if this will provide genuine value? The right professional strata management service can save strata owners time, stress and money, particularly in the following situations. 

When there are many strata owners and residents in a strata property

While the strata affairs of a duplex property may be relatively simple, the same tends not to be true when there are four, six, 20, 100 or more lots in a strata scheme. Responding to, notifying and chasing up strata fees from multiple owners can take an extraordinary amount of time – let alone the day-to-day management matters for a typical strata scheme. Professional strata management in NSW can be the answer.

Where strata matters are complex

No matter the size of your scheme, there will be financial and legal compliance to consider as well as future planning for capital works in common property and mediation of common strata disputes. These matters can become increasingly complex with larger strata schemes. A strata manager such as Jamesons not only provides the experience and up-to-date expertise on these compliance needs, but can also provide an invaluable neutral third party in the case of disagreements.

Responsive Strata Management Services for Hassle-Free Living!

When a strata property is older, or requires a higher level of maintenance

The higher your building’s maintenance needs, the more time they generally take to manage. It’s also crucial to be looking into the near and far future to plan ahead for any foreseeable major capital works, such as roof replacements or painting. This will not only keep your common property in its best condition to protect your property value, but also help to keep your strata fees to a minimum over the long term. Professional strata management can also be invaluable for properties with high-value amenities such as swimming pools or elevators, as these services must be maintained carefully yet cost-effectively. We can even help you save significantly on insurance and energy costs.

Where strata owners want to free up their time

Who has the time or the inclination to manage a wide range of strata matters in addition to their own life admin? Anyone who has been a strata committee secretary will know it can be a time-consuming and often thankless role, and take up time that could better spent. Enlist the services of professional strata management in NSW, and everyone can enjoy the benefits of living in a strata scheme with none of the hassle.

We’re here to help you to enjoy effortless, enjoyable strata living in NSW whether you live in a large or small strata scheme. Explore the strata management services offered by Jamesons Strata Management, and get in touch today to get the ball rolling.

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