What To Look For In A Good Strata Manager – Do You Have One?


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Naturally, some needs and expectations a property owner has of their strata manager can be negotiated on an individual basis. There are some basic attributes, however, that all capable strata managers should have in common.


An essential part of strata management is people management and at the core of that is communication. Your strata manager should thus be approachable, transparent, and aware of how to communicate effectively. Strata managers are in constant contact with all stakeholders in a building, which means exceptional business communication skills are a non-negotiable.

A good strata manager skilfully organises and leads meetings and mediates arising conflicts with the community’s best interests in mind. They recognise the importance of an open line of communication between them and their owners corporations and will keep them updated on any relevant development. The greatest potential source of conflict in building management is poor communication. Consequently, choosing a strata manager who conducts and promotes open, honest communication will help you avoid unnecessary friction.


After concerns have been communicated, a qualified strata manager will quickly respond and work on resolving issues effectively. They are reliable and able to prioritise tasks, so that administrative duties such as repairs and maintenance, paying levies, and ensuring your building meets the requirements of legislation will be fulfilled to your satisfaction in a timely manner. You should rightly expect your Strata Manager to work hard to help protect your asset.

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Qualifications recognised within the industry ensure your strata manager is trained to comprehend and handle complex strata regulations specific to each state. A fully licensed candidate will have undergone in-depth training in the full strata management process. We’ve already pointed out the benefits of employing a strata manager who is well versed in facilitating open communication, so looking for applicants who received specific communications training is recommended. Such candidates have been trained, for instance, in both verbal and non-verbal communication, know how to present themselves as a leader, are proactive in their conversations, and can bridge gaps in communication that might result from differences in age or experience.

The best strata management companies invest in regular training to keep up with the latest legislation and management practices.


Of course, it is one thing to have received formal theoretical training in strata management, but no training can compare to the knowledge that comes from years of practice. There is rarely a better candidate to manage your strata than one who knows the system that goes with maintaining a building, has resolved their share of disputes, and managed several channels of communication effectively before. These skills grow with years of experience.

Look for a strata manager who has a background in handling buildings similar to your unique type of strata scheme regarding functionality, size and facilities, as they will be better equipped to guide it than someone who lacks the familiarity. Alternatively, an applicant experienced in managing a diverse range of properties can also be a good choice.
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