There is a Burst Water Pipe

21 October 2013

If water suddenly starts running out of a wall, ceiling or floor it obviously should not be ignored and you should contact your strata manager immediately as well as take the following steps:

  1. If water is coming through the ceiling please check with the upstairs neighbour to ensure that their dishwasher, washing machine or internal hot water tank is not leaking. Please also note that if the problem does originate in the upstairs unit, with one of those appliances, then it is the individual resident’s responsibility to rectify at their own cost.
  2. If the problem appears to be a burst pipe within a wall or floor, attempt to find the main stop-valve for your unit and turn it off. The shut off is normally in a kitchen cabinet, in the laundry or under the laundry tub. This may prevent further water flow damaging your carpet and personal effects.